5 Reasons On Why To Write A Guest Post

Traffic is the be-all and end-all. If you don’t generate web traffic, your website is worthless. Some people think that having great content is the ideal way to drive visitors to their sites. That’s not true to some extent.

I’ve experienced and learned many things from my short blogging journey. I felt so sad when no one commented on my first blog posts. I had great content, but no one bothered to leave feedback. I started to comment on other blogs. Then bloggers started visiting my blog and returned the favor. I learned that I must get myself out there. I must let people know about me.

The same goes for traffic. You need to know where traffic is and try to get it to your blog. The best way to do that is through guest posting.

I know what you’re thinking. Guest posting takes time. That’s unquestionably true. But don’t forget that the most rewarding things take time. This doesn’t apply to guest posting, but to everything else.

Take link building as an example. The easy-to-get links are corrie the ones with the lowest value. If you submit your site URL to thousands of directories in less than 5 minutes, you won’t get much value. Those links are very easy to get and therefore, they weight no value in Google’s eyes.

The hard-to-get links are the ones Google and other search engines value. Some of these are Editorial/Contextual Links. These are the links surrounded by content. These are hard to get. So they’re highly valuable. This is just to tell you that the harder you try, the better.

Let’s go back to guest posting. What makes it so effective?

Guest posting refers to writing a blog post for another blog in order to gain more exposure. You choose a blog that drive a lot of web traffic and has a good reputation on search engines and you write a post for it. How can this benefit you?

First, the blog has readers, right? Those visitors will read your post and visit your website or blog. You need to include some links on your post in order to generate traffic.

Second, the links you’ll use on your guest posting are called Editorial/Contextual links. They’re surrounded by relevant text. So they’re highly valuable from a search engine perspective. You’ll get higher rankings and eventually more search engine traffic if you write many guest posts.

To find blogs that accept guest posts, you can search using these terms: