What is crypto gaming?

Generally, when you hear about crypto games or blockchain games, you get confused about what actually is this. Let me tell you crypto gaming and blockchain gaming is the same thing and this system runs on blockchain and uses cryptos as rewards for players who play games on these platforms. Now you know use of cryptos and blockchain makes it the same thing, just named differently with same use case.


Use case of the blockchain game,

People all around the world are now adopting cryptos and using it as an asset expecting them to grow in coming future. There are numbers of cryptocurrencies and crypto games out there but not all of them will survive in future because the survivability of a coin highly depends on what use case it has and numbers of projects it is used in. The more useful it is to a particular project the more value it will derive from that project.

Projects like decentraland provides metaverse as its primary use where a virtual world is made in which you can buy or rent certain plots and can even create your own avatar by using a coin known as MANA which is introduced by decentraland for transaction. Now here you can also play games and this in turn decides the value of the MANA in world. That is mainly how a coin derives its value in crypto games


When there is need for a particular coin then the demand decided the value of that coin. The more popularity a coin gains the more chances are that its value will increase but not in every case, sometimes a popularity without any use case can depreciate the value of the coin too.


How to earn by playing crypto games:

  • Always use platforms that are popular and trusted amongst people with genuine use cases and good rewards.
  • Look for the other players who already have earned rewards in form of cryptos or NFT- non fungible tokens by joining the community.
  • Mark out the crypto games which you are good at and are available on the crypto platforms, it is all about scoring and earning and if you do that by playing a game that you already are good at then there are high chances of winning.

Pros and cons of crypto gaming:

Although crypto gaming is beneficial for many of us but it can be a loss-making method too because there are no regulators in times of data breach or hack one can find it difficult or almost impossible to regain the rewards they have earned through gaming on these platforms. Using a highly secured wallet to store rewards will be very much better to avoid any theft.

My views on this:

When there are risks related to this concept, I prefer choosing a better platform where I can play traditional games which I am good at and which provides me secure transaction as well as storage for my rewards.