How To Collect Horror Movies

Watching horror movies is always a thrilling experience. You get a different kind of pleasure every time you jump out of your seat or when you scream your lungs out. So, if you wish to level up your viewing enjoyment, you can start building your horror movie collection. Once you have those wonderful horror flicks at home, you can watch them anytime. You can even invite your movie buddies without any fuss. Here are some pointers on how you can collect your horror movies:

  • Check out your current movie collection. What do you have in your DVD rack at the moment? Are there any horror movies?  How many titles are in your possession?  Can you classify them?  If most of them are recent releases, then, it is high time for you to widen your taste and perspective. If most of them are classics and hard-to-find flicks, congratulate yourself. You are truly ready to exploit your horror movie collecting inclination.
  • Look out for the famous series. Your horror movie collection is never going to be complete without them. They were so great that they had to make them – in series. Don’t miss out Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street. You can start getting them title per title. But if you have the budget, most of them are readily available as a set.
  • Put together the award-winners. Start with the Oscar titles. Since they gotten the nod of the Academy, they are certainly worth collecting. You may also start reading horror movie reviews. You can easily find out which titles deserve to be included in your growing collection. You may also join some horror movie discussion forums and hear about the ones that received critical receptions from the discrimination horror movie aficionados
  • Expand your collection by getting titles according to sub-genres. Horror movies are dime a dozen. They come in different formulas. So, classify what you have. And from there, you can choose which sub-genre you wish to build first. Do you have a lot of ghost stories? What about zombies and monsters?  Do you have the penchant for slashers? What about the rib ticklers?  Eventually, your collection becomes more interesting when you have some of everything.
  • Consider mixing up formats. As long as you have the player, you can get and keep a title in that format.

If you are not really familiar about the title you intend to include in your collection, your best option id to purchase a streaming service that provides several movie channels. Watch some part of the movie, see if the movie is going to pass your viewing standards. If it gives you the goose bumps, then, proceed. Get it for your collection. Otherwise, forget about it and look for the next interesting title to consider. Ireland iptv is a great streaming service with more than 5500 channels in high quality to make you binge watch movies. You can also ask your friends and relatives for recommendation. Sometimes, they have better references. They can surely give you more horror-filled choices.